• Image of the QuickPress box on the WordPress Dashboard

    Real Quick Post

    To make a quick post to the site all you have to do is login to the address sent in your user registration email. This will take you to the page known as the Dashboard. In the top right hand corner of the page is […]

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  • screengrab

    Is Your Website Ugly?

    Your website is the public face of your business or organisation. In today’s world the first time many of your potential customers will come in contact with your business is a visit to your website. It’s highly unlikely that your business premises are deliberately ugly […]

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  • The Design Of This Site

    If I’m such a wizz bang designer, how come I’m using a professional template from a WordPress theme company? The answer is quite simple. I didn’t want to waste time, correction – any more time, on the design and development of my own site. This […]

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  • We'll be back shortly

    Tumblr (Still) Down

    Tumblr, the popular, correction – very popular, mini blogging service went down for 24 hours beginning on 6 December 2010 causing much frustration and consternation in the online community. That popularity is the cause of the problem according to Tumblr “during planned maintenance that was […]

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