Website Design/Development


Fully customised designs for any type of website from a small brochure type site through to a full blown CMS or eCommerce site.

All sites coded to best practice; semantic, hierarchical HTML with presentation separated from content. With the use of meaningful names for pages, titles and images, all that is needed is the some work on key words/phrases and you have acheived 90% of your SEO needs. The other 10% I leave to the SEO Wizards.



If you already have a design I can write the code to convert it to a website built
to all the specifications listed above.



Up to date content is an essential requirement for an effective website in today’s highly competitive business environment. You need updates posted to your site immediately; not next week or next month. Minor updates and changes to your site will be in place within 24 hours. More extensive updates will take a little longer.


WordPress is the choice for blogs. It is the de facto software of choice for blogs today and there is a very good reason why. It is simply the best.

WordPress can be used not only for straight forward blogs but also for business sites using its CMS capabilities.

I can produce a fully customised WordPress blog or modify a commercial theme to suit your business and budget.



Want to update the site yourself? A good Content Management System will do the job. A good CMS is also capable of delivering so much more. It can be the basis for anything from a basic static site with news items through to an online store. Perhaps you’d like an intranet for use by your own employees; it can be built into your site.



My experience ranges from simply selling a small product range through an existing website to a fully dedicated online store.

There are an assortment of reliable open source shopping carts available which substantially lowers the cost of getting your product or service online.

High quality, beautiful websites for a wide variety of clients from barristers' chambers to sporting clubs.